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Shane English Schools (part of the Saxoncourt Group) is one of the biggest British owned TEFL companies in Asia. It has been going for over 40 years and currently has schools in over 13 different countries. We are continually growing and developing and every year looking to open new schools to broaden our horizons.

Shane Nanjing began in 2007 and currently has over 500 students aged between 3-18 yrs old.  There are currently 10 foreign teachers, 30 local teachers and many more sales, marketing and support staff.

Most pre-school and kindergarten classes have 15+ students with the older classes having 8-10 students. The youngest classes are 30 minutes and the older ones are up to 1 hour.
Academic Manager Job Description

The Academic Manager is to provide support to school administration in the supervising and development of teachers, particularly less experienced teachers. Duties also include assisting the School Manager with promotional, student counselling, and course-related matters. The 4 main responsibilities of the Academic Manager are:

Teacher recruitment for the school;
Management of school’s teachers, including Training and Supervision;
Assisting the School Manager in the successful running of the school;
Development of course content, course guide and materials to be used by the school.

Other Responsibilities

The Academic Manager will carry out the full range of duties of a teacher (max 10 teaching hours per week) in addition to the specific responsibilities and duties of an Academic Manager. Duties as Academic Manager will involve all factors related to the General Responsibilities outlined above and will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

Observations of new teachers within the school, and being available for follow-up discussion regarding these observations
Advising new and less experienced teachers on such teaching and course-related problems as they might have.
Being observed by other teachers working in the school and being available for follow-up discussion regarding these observations
Participation in the company’s sales and promotional efforts, particularly through assisting in the organisation of school social events, and being the main teacher attending school open days and performing demonstration lessons
Proffering advice to the School Manager, especially regarding teachers and courses
Within established guidelines, and in consultation with the AM as necessary, assisting teachers and the SM to decide on appropriate course materials for each class
Counselling and advising students on their studies and answering student queries and problems
Managing teaching resources in the school (i.e. checking resources and texts are all in place and in good condition and reporting to the AM on the need for replacements as necessary).
Checking that student and class records are in place, are being regularly completed, and are up-to-date
Ensuring teachers behave in a professional manner in the school.
Supporting the School Manager in achieving school objectives, particularly with respect to sign-up rates, demonstration sign-up rates, and group/class sizes.
Providing a completed monthly report to school administration regarding completion of the above tasks
Supporting the school in the onboarding of new teachers in a mentor-type role, providing advice and help in teaching, school-related and any pastoral matters.


Job Requirements

a passport from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Africa
a bachelor’s degree or better
a 120-hour TEFL certificate or better
a clear criminal background
3+ years experience teaching English as either a second or foreign language


Salary and Benefits

18,000 RMB to 20,000RMB per month depending on qualifications, experience, and salary expectations.
5 working days per week (including Saturday and Sunday) with 2 consecutive days off.
22 days paid holiday per year.
Heath insurance provided:
Scheme 1 – Teachers may join the School’s group insurance scheme, of which the premium will be paid by the School.
Scheme 2 – Teachers may purchase his/her own insurance, the School will provide an Insurance Allowance of 1,300RMB.
For teachers coming from outside China:
4,000 RMB reimbursement for home country medical check and document notarization.
5,000 RMB flight reimbursement.
4,000 RMB end of contract bonus.
China visa and medical check fully covered.
The Teachers’ Welfare Officer will pick you up at Nanjing airport, or if your flight’s destination is not Nanjing, the school will help you to travel to Nanjing and pick you up at Nanjing train station.
The school will provide an apartment or a hotel for the first 4 days while the Teachers’ Welfare Officer helps you find your own apartment and get settled in Nanjing.
For teachers already in China:
7,000 RMB contract completion bonus.
China visa and medical costs fully covered.


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