Posted: 25th July 2017


Kindergarten Teacher - Universal American School in Dubai - UAE




English Teacher


United Arab Emirates


No experience required




25th August 2017

Applications close in -325 days


Job Responsibilities:
  • Planning collaboratively, in the context of the UAS curriculum, to build on student knowledge and expertise, develop significant units of inquiry, accommodate a range of ability levels and emphasize connections between curriculum areas.
  • Using a range and balance of teaching strategies to differentiate learning.
  • Encouraging students to be critical thinkers, involving students actively in pursuing open – ended and relevant units of inquiry, and maintaining a supportive climate for the needs of second language learners.
  • Ensuring that planning, teaching, learning, and assessment are interconnected processes, with a view to maintaining a balance of assessment, recording and reporting strategies that involve students, parents, and colleagues in the assessment process. The teacher should also ensure students see assessment as a means of describing their learning and shaping future learning.
  • Actively participating in professional development with the aim of continually working to improve learning for our students within the learning culture of UAS and the philosophy of the IBPYP.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor and regard for the image of the school and the support of colleagues in all activities, duties, and requirements of the school as assigned by the Director or Elementary Principal and outlined in the policies of the school.
  • The key responsibility of every teacher at UAS is to be familiar with the values and beliefs expressed in the philosophy of the IBPYP and to work to translate them into daily classroom practice in an international environment.


Qualifications & Requirements
  • Education RequiredBachelor
  • Minimum Teaching Experience2 Years
  • MajorEducation, Early Childhood Education


Job Benefits
  • Air Travel (Overseas Hires only): Annual round-trip air ticket for teacher and any school-sponsored dependents from and to the nearest major airport to the home of record, or cash equivalent.  If both parents teach at the school, the school pays 100% of the cost of airline tickets for school-sponsored dependents.  If one parent teaches at the school, the school pays 50% of the cost of airline tickets for school-sponsored dependents.
  • End of Service Bonus Payment: At the end of the teacher’s employment with the school, the teacher will receive a payment equal to the sum of 21 calendar days’ base salary for each of the first five years he/she worked at the school, and 30 calendar days’ base salary for each of any additional years he/she worked at the school.
  • Settling-in Allowance (Overseas Hires only): One-time allowance of 2,000 AED paid upon arrival.
  • Health Insurance: Major medical coverage provided for the teacher, with the school paying the full amount of monthly premiums. For school-sponsored dependents, if both parents teach at the school, the school pays 100% of the cost of health insurance premiums.  If one parent teaches at the school, the school pays 50% of the cost of health insurance premiums.
  • Housing (Overseas Hires only): The school provides the following housing options:
  • a furnished 2-bedroom apartment to be shared by a married teaching couple or two single teachers of the same gender,
  • a furnished studio or 1-bedroom apartment for a teacher to live in on his/her own, or
  • a housing allowance of AED 70,000 for the year.
  • Note: Option (2) is subject to availability. Option (3) is only available to teachers in their second or subsequent year with the school, and to first year teachers who are able to spend time in Dubai to find and furnish an apartment before the beginning of their employment with the school.
  • Utilities (water & electricity):  Teachers pay 50% in school-provided housing.  Teachers pay 100% in housing not provided by the school.
  • Transportation to and from School:  For teachers residing in school-provided housing, the school provides bus transportation for teachers to and from school on each school day. 
  • Tuition of Children: For up to two children: 
  • If both parents teach at the school:  Free
  • If one parent teaches at the school: 50%
  • Document Attestation Costs:  For teacher and school-sponsored dependents, the school will reimburse the reasonable costs of the attestation of documents up to a maximum of 1,200 AED.
  • Long Term Disability: 75% of salary for a total of four months; medical documentation required.
  • Annual No-Absence Bonus:
  • No absences: 1,000 AED                                 1 absence: 800 AED                          2 absences: 600 AED
  • 3 absences: 400 AED                       4 absences: 200 AED                       5+ absences: 0 AED




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