Employment Sample Contract for Foreign English Teacher



The following contract is made on the basis of friendly cooperation between both parties.

1. (Employer) ______________________________, hereinafter referred to as (Employer) ______________________________, invites (Employee) ______________________________ to take up service as a full-time teacher.

2. This contract shall enter into force upon signature of both parties and receipt by (Employer).

3. Term of contract, this contract shall, unless otherwise cancelled or amended, commence on / / and terminate on / / . Where either party does not wish to extend this contract it shall terminate by natural process on the date of termination above.

4. Contract extension, where both parties are satisfied at the end of this contract, an extension of contract may be offered for a specified term. In the case of any extension, (Employer) will give written notice to the employee _________ days prior to the termination date. Where an extension agreement is reached, it shall form part of this contract and extend contract validity for the period stated in that agreement.

5. Probation, the employee shall initially accept _________ weeks teaching on probation. Where the school and students are satisfied with the employee’s teaching, the contract will become fully effective. Where probationary performance is unsatisfactory the employee will be given an opportunity to adjust teaching to meet expectations. Where performance remains unsatisfactory at the end of the probationary period this contract may be cancelled at the discretion of (Employer).

6. Documentation, (Employer) shall arrange all documents for the employee’s legal work in _________ once this contract comes into force.

7. Disputes arising from the execution of, or in connection with this contract, shall be settled through mutual agreement. Where settlement cannot be mutually agreed, the matter will be arbitrated by ______________________________ who shall have the final say.

8. Conditions of employment, the employee shall abide by the laws, decrees and acts of the (country/location) and any relevant regulations of the employer, they shall respect the (country/location) religious policy, and moral standards and customs. (Employer) shall provide the employee with appropriate information regarding these matters prior to or on arrival in (country/location).

9. Primary duties of the employee include the provision of oral, listening and written English lessons to designated students, to provide information on western culture, to assist and advise other teachers with teaching methodologies, and to provide advice for students through after-class activities.

10. Working hours shall be _________ classes per calendar week, Monday to Friday.

11. Location of employment, the employee shall accept employment at a location assigned by (Employer).

12. On signing this contract the employee agrees to work in one of the schools arranged by (Employer) for at least one full semester. Relocation to another school after this time will be at the discretion of (Employer).

13. Salary, (Employer) will pay the employee _________ per month. The payday will be the last day of the month except summer or winter holiday. (Employer) will pay the employee the salary for summer or winter holiday together with the salary of the first month of the following term. The first and/or last month’s salary will be prorated according to the number of days worked for that month.

14. Overtime payment, where the employee is required to work more than _________ classes per calendar week they shall be paid _________for each additional class worked.

15. Free local language lessons, the employee is to attend local language lessons in the school.

16. Free accommodation shall include a 1-2 bedroom apartment, Kitchen, toilet, hot shower, telephone, microwave oven, television, refrigerator, washing machine and air-conditioner.

17. Services, the connection of water, electricity, gas, telephone shall be the responsibility of (Employer). Ongoing fees and charges for usage of water, electricity, gas, telephone and internet are the responsibility of the employee.

18. Meals, the school will provide free breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday.

19. Insurance, (Employer) shall provide medical and accident insurance during the term of this contract.

20. Airfares, (Employer) shall pay a subsidy of _________ at the successful completion of the first term and _________ at the successful completion of the initial contract.

21. Holidays, the employee shall be entitled to the same public and school holidays as other teachers at the allocate school or college. And the employee is required to teach extra lessons, assigned by (Employer) during summer or winter holiday for extra pay.

22. Local travel subsidy, (Employer) shall pay the employee _________ per semester as a local travel subsidy in addition to normal salary.

23. Sick leave, the employee is entitled to 12 days paid sick leave per academic year. The employee must provide medical certificate from a doctor or hospital covering any period of sickness/injury. Where a doctor’s diagnosis indicates that the employee is unlikely to resume normal duties after 3 continuous months sick leave, (Employer) shall reserve the right to terminate the contract. In this case, the cost of the airfare to the employees original point of departure shall be the responsibility of (Employer).

24. The employee is not allowed to work in any other places without (Employers) permission. If the employee does so, (Employer) shall reserve the right to cancel the employee’s legal work permission and legal residence permission.

25. Termination of contract, neither party may terminate this contract without “proper reason”. Where termination is unavoidable, the employee or employer shall provide written notice to the other party stating the precise reason(s) for termination. Where such notice is not accepted or disputed the contract shall continue until arbitration can be arranged. Where work does not continue in accordance with this contract or by mutual agreement, the employee’s salary, accommodation, Employment Certificate and other legal documents for work and stay in _________ may be rescinded at the discretion of (Employer).

26. Where either part terminates this contract after commencement and prior to the expiry date stipulated, without “proper reason”, it must pa a breach penalty of _________.

27. Should the employee wish to terminate this contract before the expiry date stipulated without “proper reason” the employee shall be responsible for their own departure airfare as well as the breach penalty stated above.

28. Should (Employer) wish to terminate this contract before the expiry date stipulated without “proper reason”, (Employer) will be responsible for any outstanding salary and allowance due to the employee as well as the employee’s departure air fare back to the point of original departure and the breach penalty stated above.

29. Performance management, the employee shall complete allocated tasks on time and guarantee the quality of their work. After 30 days probation, if the employee violates the rules of the school and (Employee) or if there are such situations: intemperance, absenteeism, teaching after drinking a formal warning in writing will occur within 7 days of the breach. After 3 such formal warnings (Employer) reserves the right to terminate this contract.


Signature of Employee:______________________________ Date: / /


Signature of Employer:______________________________ Date: / /