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15,000 RMB -18,000 RMB after tax)International School looking for Foreign Teachers Sincerely in Heil








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15,000 RMB -18,000 RMB after tax)+ International School looking for Foreign Teachers Sincerely in Heilongjiang

We are searching for professionals who are serious and passionate about teaching and living abroad in China! Many top schools in the booming cities of China are seeking positive individuals to teach English and to learn from you

Location: Jiamusi,Heilongjiang province

Type Training institute

Working hours: Monday to Friday


Flight allowance pay for Fore ign Teacher

Treatment and Conditions for Foreign Teacher:

1. Salary of 13,000 RMB to18, 000 RMB (Net).

2. Complete one-year contract, International Airfare up to 8,000 RMB (Net)will be reimbursed by school.

3. Foreign teacher’s accident medical insur ance paid by school.

4. Provide work visa appli cation and handle for foreign teacher.

5. An apartment located in the d owntown good residential districtwill be provided by school. Each apartment of 90 square meters, is a fully equipped, comfortable, super clean apartment. It has a bedroom, study, living room, kitchenand bathrooms. Hot water is available 24 hours a day, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, dr inking water dispenser along with a full range of household appliances and kitche n utensils are provided as well as a full set of furniture (including wardrobe, bed, so fa, tea table, desk, bookcase, tabl es&n bsp;an d eat chair, cabinets, etc.) with clean, complete bedding.

6. Annual vacat ion is totally about two months, of which 40 to 4 5days forpaid v acation.

7. Provide pre-job training and o n-the-job training.

We are looking for candidates that:

Requirements of Working Conditions:

1. Native English sp eaker from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland,

2. Under 60 years ol d, (under 40 years old is preferred ).

3. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 120 hours of TEFL certificate, English or educatio n major is pre ferred.

4. Have English teachi ng experience ispreferred.

5. Have a bright and cheerful disposition, team w ork spir it, good personality an d kindness of heart, have enough en thusiasm for students and work.

6. Good health, no bad habits.

Introduction of the School

Schooolis located in Jiamusi,Heilongjiang Province, China and our city is near Russia. Our city has a total area of thirty-three thousand square kilometers and three million people. It is in charge of 3 other cities, 4counties and 4 districts. In China, in addition to si x mega cities like Beijing, Shangha i, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing, each province has a provincial capital, and Harbin as our capital city in Heilongjiang Province is quite famous in China because of its unique diversity of cultural influences. Since Harbin is not far away from Jiamusi, it is definitely a fun place to visit.

The city is surrounded by beautiful nature reserves and farmlands with the famous Songhua River flowing through the city. And we have a small population so it does not suffer from the air pollution that plagues some other parts of China as we have a very healthy environment. You can always see a blue sky.

The city has four distinctive seasons and the climate is extremely pleasant. We have a cool summer with the highest temperature in the daytime normally being below 30 . In the cool evening, people can enjoy having a good time in nice parks or taking a board walk along the Songhua River. It is quite ple asant for peop le in spring and autumn. The city i s famous for its winter season because of the uniquely gorgeous snow-covered landscape, being a wonderful place for avid skiers. Furthermore, residents can enjoy a warm and comfortable indoor enviro nment despite the cold weather outside as the cen tral heating system is excellent from October to late April.

The cost of living in Jiamusi wi ll be very low from food, wearing clothes to other daily supplies. For example, it takes only 1 RMB fo r taking a bus and aro und 6 RMB for taking a taxi in the city.

For lunch and dinner, if you order takeout, it will normally cost you less than 15 RMB. It will be very big meal if it costs m ore than 20 RMB.

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Salary: 15000 CNY to 18000 CNY Monthly
Work visa provided: Yes
Work Location: Heilongjiang

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15000RMB - 18000RMB /month




Office 1412, Tian He Commercial Building, Zhongshan Avenue, Tian He, Guangzhou, China


Ph. ++862037303381


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