Posted: 31st August 2018


16k-20k¥/mo Starting; ½ Beijing Cost; Z-Visa, Flight, Insurance (paid); Max. 27hr/wk; 22 Days PTO


Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China






No preference




1st November 2018

Applications close in -265 days


Position Description

Foreign English Teachers at Shane English are responsible for teaching the curriculum provided by Saxoncourt Group Worldwide and adhering to all professional regulations of Shane English School Yangzhou. The Foreign English Teacher will teach a maximum of 108 hours per month.

The major areas of responsibility for Foreign English Teacher include:

·Teaching students between the age of 4 and 16 years old

·Prepare structured lesson plans for each class 

·Review students’ pronunciation and provide corrections on WeChat

·Attend outside holiday related events, sponsored by the school

·Develop students reading, writing, and speaking of the English language

·Refining students fine and gross motor skills through guided activities

·Potentially preparing students for English proficiency tests

Primary Objectives:

·Promote a safe and healthy workplace

·Teaching fundamental English in a secondary education setting

·Develop superior English pronunciation

·Providing a unique cultural understanding of states where English is the primary language in business, schooling, government, and/or socially

·Create a positive and exciting learning environment for students

·Develop a student oriented multicultural work force

Job Requirements:

·Demonstrates ability to: solve problems, work with children, maintain an amiable work environment with co-workers

·General knowledge of: English language, grammar, structure, spelling, pronunciation, and writing

·Above average skills in: personal communication, enthusiasm, creativity in the classroom/workplace

This job description aims to convey the general qualifications, expectations, and understanding of the job listed above. However, this description does not provide a holistic representation of any of the materials discussed. For further inquiry please reach out to a recruitment specialist or manager within the organization.



Education and Experience:

· Degree: Bachelor’s Degree

· Certification: 120 TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/DELTA certification (not required if teacher was an education major as an undergraduate student)

· Years of Experience Required: none/preferred two years

· Other Requirements: Valid Passport, local/city background check, Z – Visa (instructions provided upon accepting position)

Physical Demands

While performing the responsibilities of the job, the employee is required to talk, hear, and interact with students. The employee is often required to sit, stand, and remain active for up to one hour at a time in the classroom. Vision abilities required to perform this job include close vision for the safety of self and students.


Payment Package and Benefits

*Cost of living comparison at the end of payment 

· 16,000 RMB paid on the 10th of each month (14,000 base salary + 1,800 housing stipend + 200 transportation stipend)

· 2-week comprehensive initial training; 1,000 RMB paid/week on next pay day

· 10,000 RMB 0% interest loan available upon arrival in China for rent and living expenses in the first month

· Up to 4,000 RMB reimbursement for visa notarization and authentications process upon residency visa being granted in China

· Up to 5,000 RMB flight reimbursement upon completion of contract

· 3,000 RMB Contract completion bonus

· Hotel costs paid for up to one week before apartment contract is signed and teacher moves into chosen living space

· Airport Pick-Up and transport to Yangzhou from Nanjing or Shanghai International Airport and welcome packet provided

· Health Insurance Provided by Shane English Yangzhou

· Foreign Welfare Officer who aids teachers in renting apartment, getting SIM card from China mobile, setting up checking account with linked debit card, and any other logistic issues that foreign teachers may have upon arrival and stay in China

· Free Chinese class provided once a week to interested teachers

· 5 working days 2 rest days

· 22 paid vacation days

· Five additional unpaid personal days


*Cost of Living Comparison

Extra information

United States (Philadelphia, PA)




1 bedroom in city center



(2,000 RMB)


Gas, electric, water, internet, and phone



(260 RMB)

Food Cost

Per person



(1,500 RMB)


USA - No car payment, no parking charges

China - No car



(300 RMB)



D'artanyn Alonge


Building 19 Xiandai Plaza, No. 165 West Wenhui Road Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China 225001, Yangzhou, Jiangsu China 225001


Ph. +716 406 3365


Shane English School Yangzhou

Shane Yangzhou is a developing company whose main goal is to bring: applicable, hands on, innovative education with native English-speaking teachers to the children of Yangzhou. Although we are passionate about our students at Shane we are equally as devoted in accommodating to the teachers we hire. Providing several services to natives and foreigners alike Shane Yangzhou is integrating cultures and educating people of all ages every day of the week 365 days a year. We are always looking for passionate college students/graduates with high levels of enthusiasm and curiosity. We aim to bring them on this once and a lifetime opportunity to teach at Shane Yangzhou and explore China.

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