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Job Description – EAL Teacher 
Bromsgrove International School Thailand (BIST)

It is understood that a job description can never put into words all the qualities that a good teacher embodies and cannot hope to cover all those facets of daily life in the classroom. It is hoped that all our teachers will strive to inspire, encourage and nurture, to the best of their ability, all those students who pass through their classes during their time at BIST. 

Reporting To: Head of Languages Department 

Major Responsibilities: 

1) Plan work in accordance with department / subject schemes of work and National Curriculum programmes of study. 
2) Liaise with relevant colleagues on the planning of units of work for collaborative delivery. 
3) Work in collaboration with Teaching Assistants attached to any teaching group. 
4) Take account of students´ prior levels of attainment and use them to set targets for future improvements. 
5) Set work for students absent from school for health or disciplinary reasons. 
6) Maintain good classroom management by adherence to the advice given to staff in the staff handbook and elsewhere. 
7) Set high expectations for students´ behaviour by establishing a purposeful working atmosphere in accordance with the school´s behaviour code. 
8) Set appropriate and demanding expectations for students´ learning, motivation and presentation of work. 

Assessment, recording & reporting:

1) Maintain notes and plans of lessons undertaken and records of students’ work. 
2) Mark, monitor and return work in line with school policy and provide constructive oral and/or written feedback and clear targets for future learning as appropriate. 
3) Carry out assessment programmes (e.g. reports) as agreed by the school policy.
4) Attend the appropriate conferences to keep parents/caregivers informed as to the progress of their child. 

Pastoral work: 

1) Undertake responsibility for a tutor group as required including tutor/student interviews. 
2) Be the first point of contact for parents of students in the tutor group. 
3) Monitor the social and academic progress of individuals in the tutor group. 
4) Be prepared to undertake responsibility for delivery of the BEAM programme to one or more tutor groups. 
5) Promote good attendance and punctuality and monitor in accordance with the school´s attendance procedures. 
6) Undertake up to nine boarding duties per academic year (three per term). 

Professional standards: 

1) Support the Vision and Mission Statement of the school. 
2) Treat all members of the community, colleagues and students, with respect and consideration. 
3) Treat all students fairly, consistently and without prejudice. 
4) Set a good example to students in terms of appropriate dress, standards of punctuality and attendance. 
5) Promote the aims of the school by attendance at and participation in events (as appropriate to their responsibilities). 
6) Support the ethos of the school by upholding the policies and regulations 
7) Take responsibility for their own professional development and participate in staff training when provided. 
8) Reflect on their own practice as well as the practices of the school with aim of improving.
9) Read and adhere to the various policies of the school as expressed in the School Development Plan, the staff handbook, subject team/year team documentation etc.
10) Participate in the management of school by attending various team and staff meetings as published in the school calendar. 
11) Undertake duties as prescribed within school policies. 
12) Ensure that all deadlines are met as published in the school calendar. 
13) Undertake professional duties that may be reasonably assigned to them by the headmaster (e.g. cover, etc.). 
14) Be proactive and take responsibility for matters relating to health and safety 


Minimum Qualifications

1) Applicants should hold a BA, BSc, BEd. Degree in addition to an accredited TEFL certificate (120 hours minimum; CELTA or equivalent preferred) .
2) Have a minimum of 2 years EAL teaching experience.
3) Priority will be given to those applicants with experience in teaching Primary aged classes. 

Interested applicants should send CV and cover letter to  

Note: Previous unsuccessful applicants need not apply 


Salary: circa THB 53,500 per month gross or above, depending on experience; visa costs; medical insurance 




Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand


Ph. +66-00000000


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