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English Teacher - Benesse BE Studio - Japan




English Teacher




No experience required




3rd November 2018

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What is Benesse BE studio?

Brand Concept: "BE YOURSELF” and "WANT TO BE” 

Benesse BE studio provides exciting language learning opportunities to young children, starting as young as 9-month-old up to teen agers. As presented in our brand concept, we pay great respect to, and encourage each student’s and teacher’s originality and character. This is valued and represented in each of our services, as seen in the curriculum, learning materials, training & workshops, and most importantly in our daily communication with customers.  BE studio aims to support the development of our students being able to work together with people from all over the world, where they can create new values through collaboration and communication that involves not only language, but also their will and heart.

Over 1700 schools, 2300 teachers, 40 years of history

As part of the Benesse group, the leading education company in Japan, BE studio continues to bring impact to support the development of young learners. We provide variety of enjoyable and challenging English programs to match customer needs, and also navigate our customers through a learning process that best fits their lifestyle and interests. We also provide a wide range of professional development opportunities, including both teaching and corporate positions, to support the career path of our employees.

  • Deliver 40-60 minute group lessons (max. 8 students/ class)
  • Prepare for lessons (room set up, lesson plan review)
  • Deliver trial lessons for new students
  • Participate in seasonal events, camps, special lessons
  • Build rapport with and communicate with customers
  • Maintain high level of customer satisfaction
  • Curriculum/ lesson plans are provided for all lessons
  • All lesson materials are ready for use at each location 
  • The above will be explained in the initial training


Qualifications and Requirements
  • Education RequiredBachelor
  • MajorEducation, K-12 Teaching, ESL, TESOL, Early Childhood Development
  • Native level English proficiency
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Genuine passion and care for teaching children          
  • Professionalism: e.g. language, attitude, work ethics
  • Ability to work in a team: teaching is a team effort between the teacher, school staff and customers
  • Good people skills: can build rapport with students, parents and colleagues
  • Physical health: ability to move around and take part in fun activities with young children
  • Can attend interviews conducted in the US


Job Benefits
  • Professional development: sufficient training, trainer/mentorship program, workshops available every month
  • Career: variety of career options available within the Benesse group
  • Work hours: can finish work early (compared to schools teaching adults)
  • Salary system: flexible options, incentives, and opportunities to earn more
  • Bilingual HQ staff to support you with daily work operation
  • Pre/Post Arrival Support
  • VISA sponsorship
  • One way airfare support
  • Pre-departure orientation: in preparation for starting work / life in Japan
  • Support for finding housing
  • Airport pick up: our staff will accompany you to our venue
  • Lifestyle orientation: tips and rules for living in Japan
  • Set up day (e.g. bank account, government registry, mobile phone)
  • 24 hour call center service (available in English): e.g.) AC is not working
  • Salary/Insurance
  • Monthly salary: 250,000JPY
  • Work hours: 35 hrs./week - 5 hrs. shorter than average
  • Transportation fee: full reimbursement. (monthly)
  • Paid holidays: provided accordingly to the Japanese labor law
  • Summer / Winter vacation* (*length will vary depending on the year)
  • Social insurance (consists of: health insurance, pension, nursing care)
  • Employment insurance: coverage in preparation for "on-the-job” incidents




147 Liberty Street, Toronto, Canada


Ph. ++1-416-628-1386


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