Posted: 17th November 2017


EPIK Public Schools near Daejeon (Dec), near Busan (Dec) & Nationwide Feb 2018




English Teacher


Korea South


No experience required




17th December 2017

Applications close in -309 days


Korean Horizons is accepting applications for government public schools in various locations. We have 20-30 vacancies per month; but our next biggest in-take will be Feb 2018 when there will be around 700 vacancies available.

See our website - and our facebook page -

By working with Korean Horizons, you will -

1. Have a personal, professional service. We will arrange to discuss with you the positions. We will respond to any and all emails within 1 business day.
2. Guide you through the application process. We will proof read your application. We will practice with you with the FAQs for the interview. We will guide you through the visa process. We are the preferred recruitment agency through EPIK and the EPIK director said that we have the highest rate of success.
3. We will give you access to an exclusive online group of teachers who will have gone through the program; other teachers like you.
4. We will meet you at the airport or have you met at the airport. We will pay for your accommodation for the evening so you can get a good night rest.
5. We will give you an introduction package which will include a phrase book, a map, a travel guide, an adapter and other useful information.
6. We will let you make use of our interest-free supermarket shopping system. Basically, by becoming a KH teacher; you can order anything online - we buy it for you - and then you pay us back when you have the funds. We make no profit from providing this service.
7. We will be available to provide you support throughout your contract.

No other recruitment company provides what we do. Be represented by the best. We provide a safety net for you.


To apply, you will need to :

1. Have a bachelor degree in any field.
2. Be from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa - or to have been educated in one of these countries since grade 7.
3. To have a clean criminal history


Benefits include all the usual EPIK benefits :
• Rent-free single furnished apartment near your school
• 300,000 won one-time settlement allowance
• Round-trip airfare allowance of 2,600,000 won
• 18 working days paid vacation + national holidays (5 weeks in total)
• Medical contributions
• Pension contributions
• 1 month salary bonus on completion of contract
• Sick paid leave allowance
• Special leave allowance
• 1 week additional paid vacation (6 weeks in total) if you renew your contract after the first year + increase in pay + renewal bonus 2.0m won
• Korean co-teacher to assist with your classes

By becoming a Korean Horizons Teacher; you will also receive :
• Introduction pack (including a Travel Adapter, a Travel Card, a Book on Teaching, a Travel Guide, a Lonely Planet Phrasebook & other goodies)
• Order anything you like using our interest-free Supermarket credit service from any online Korean store & pay us back once you get paid your salary.




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Ph. +415 796-6456

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