Posted: 5th September 2018


ESL Teachers - Ellson Education - China




English Teacher




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5th October 2018

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Teach with Ellson Education in a relaxed learning and teaching environment that emphasizes learning through fun!

Seeking teachers for our locations in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Handan, and Xintai. 

As a teacher with Ellson you´ll be teaching full-immersion English using our Pearson Education curriculums. The curriculums are interdisciplinary, so you´ll have the chance to lead your kids through subjects like Social Studies, Geography, Science, and more! Engage your children through the use of interactive Smart Board materials, projects, games, songs, and our specially curated Book-Book Libraries through Pearson Education and University of Oxford Press. 

One of the great benefits of being an Ellson teacher is the freedom you´re given to develop your lessons and classroom! Because we emphasize Project Based Learning (PBL) as a way to implement our Content and Language Integrated Learning methodology (CLIL), Ellson classrooms are synonymous with fun and exploration. Bring your passions and ideas into your classes to transform the learning space into an exciting area where kids develop their creativity and critical thinking skills while they learn! New to teaching? No problem! We´ll train you and give you the tools necessary to be comfortable in the classroom and succeed.

Besides your normal classes, from time to time you’ll also join your Chinese coworkers in fun demo classes, aimed at showing new parents and students what they can expect from an Ellson classroom. Please feel free to share your own ideas! As we want to make our classes available to students with varying schedules, educators will also have the option of leading classes scheduled on Monday and Tuesday evenings in the event they wish to earn an extra 200 RMB per class.

No prior Chinese language knowledge required!
  • Our branches teach ages 3 to 14
  • Small class sizes from 8 to 12 kids
  • Certified, English-fluent Chinese teachers who will act as your TAs during lessons
  • 2 weeks training to make sure you are comfortable and equipped for your new classes
  • Easy working hours and class schedule (Wed-Fri: 2 PM to 8 PM including office hours; Sat-Sun: 9 AM to 6 PM [2-hour break for lunch] including office hours; Mon-Tues: OFF)


Qualifications & Requirements
  • Required CertificatesTESL/TEFL Certificate
  • Education RequiredBachelor
  • A Bachelor´s Degree (does not have to be in Education or English)
  • TEFL Certification of at least 120 hours (if you don´t already have this, Ellson will sponsor you by compensating your cost through our chosen program!)
  • The ability to sign on for a one year minimum contract
  • Be a native English speaker with a passport from USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa
  • The ability to obtain a clean criminal history record
  • Enthusiasm and a love for fun and kids!
  • TEFL certification required


Job Benefits
  • Monthly SalaryUSD 1500 - 1800
  • Monthly salary starts at 10,000 - 12,000 RMB per month (Salary is negotiable for qualified candidates)
  • Company sponsored flight to China with transportation from airport to residence
  • Company sponsored lodging in comfortable and conveniently located apartments for program duration (does not include utilities/Internet)
  • Optional TEFL Certification (typically a $500+ expense out-of-pocket for most educators)
  • Company sponsored coverage with a Chinese healthcare plan
  • Time off for Chinese national holidays
  • 2 weeks paid vacation and sick leave time besides holiday allowances
  • Guaranteed year-end raises for qualified individuals renewing their contracts
  • Airfare coverage for a 2-week home visit between each contract year (1/2 of total airfare for first year, complete coverage for second/each consecutive year)
  • Assistance from our staff with airport pickup and transportation, setting up services (cell phone, utilities, water delivery, etc.), and doing government mandated tasks
  • Free Chinese tutoring through a company partner




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