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Foreign Language and Culture Teacher - Daohe Education - China




English Teacher




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31st August 2018

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All the teachers of Daohe Academy Kindergarten are committed to the mission of developing a positive, accepting, nurturing and challenging teaching and learning environment. Chinese and foreign teachers are co-equal community members so should expect to exert their professional skills and take care of children’s needs.


Cooperate to provide opportunities to draw upon the strengths of staff, children and community
Instill, through education, an appreciation for Chinese culture and diverse multicultural communities while striving to cultivate the students’ global perspectives
Acknowledge that the entire staff shares the responsibility for all children
Provide a nurturing environment for positive self-esteem
Create a rich and secure environment with various teaching methods in curricular learning that accommodates various learning styles
Support and promote the mission and goals of Daohe Academy Kindergarten
Ensure that the programs and curriculum of Daohe Academy Kindergarten adhere to the educational philosophy as stated in our Mission Statement.
Commit to promoting and upholding high standards of teaching quality and ethical behavior for our school
Engage parents as partners in understanding the unique characteristics and needs of children.
Promote equality and justice by creating a community that fosters respect, understanding, and an appreciation for differences that affirms the dignity of each individual.
Understand that language is absorbed not trained by integrating English into daily life
Help students to identify their own loves and aptitudes

Working hours

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday with an hour off for lunch
One Saturday per month (up to five Saturdays per semester)

Planning time

Planning time is from 1:30 to 2 PM daily
2:30 or 3 PM to 4 PM one assigned day per week

Reporting requirements

Weekly course plan and communication sheets in English
Monthly, two-page report
Monthly plan of anticipated hands-on activities
Semester report, including a quota of photos of each student engaged in activities
Meeting time

An administrative group meeting of foreign teachers once a week (approx. one hour in duration)
Two-hour training once a week after work
Special academy events

Seasonal Festivals and Banquets (i.e., Spring Festival, Summer Banquet)
Important Holidays (i.e., Lantern Festival, Dancing Lions Rock the Chinese New Year)
Develop seasonal activities, articles, and/or poems.


Qualifications & Requirements
  • Education RequiredBachelor
  • Minimum Teaching Experience2 Years
  • Teaching license
  • TESL/TEFL Certificate over 100 hours
  • Native English Speaker (UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia & South Africa)


Job Benefits

Salary range: RMB 17,000 – 25,000 per month (plus housing stipend)

  • One-year contract
  • Two-year contract comes with RMB 10,000 signing bonus
Work visa assistance
  • Our staff will work closely with you to procure a proper offer letter and visa. Cooperation in supplying documents will make this process more expedient.
Team building & professional development
  • Planned team-building activities or events twice per year
  • 24-credit teacher development program
  • 128-hour workshop requirement in the first year
  • Mandarin classes to match your level
Wedding and funeral
  • Wedding: 1000-yuan’s one-time cash gift
  • Immediate family’s funeral: 500-yuan’s one-time condolence
Health and insurance
  • Accident insurance immediately after starting the job
Health check
  • Self-paid for the first year (approx. RMB 482), covered by school from the second year
  • Comprehensive medical examinations every second year for employees over 30 years old and with over two years’ employment
  • Winter holiday: ten working days; summer holiday: ten working days
  • All Chinese state holidays
Flight reimbursement
  • Round-trip or one-way flight upon completion of each year of contract (max RMB 5000/person/year)
Housing allowance
  • RMB 1,500 will be given with the first monthly paycheck, and every month thereafter, to reimburse for rent.
Note: Certain benefits are dependent on completion of the contract. The contract will specify partial or full refund to the company in the case of a termination or non-completion




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