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10th February 2019

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We´re looking for a full time English teacher for our newly opened school in Hexi (north west of the City centre, right next to the international Metro supermarket).   This newly decorated campus is over 500m2 in size and features 7 classrooms with smartboards, whiteboards, air conditioning/heating and acoustic dampening.

NB: The process of application for a Z visa (work) is in two stages as of March 2017.  First we will need to apply to have the government issue a work permit for you before you enter China.  The work permit allows you to land here.  To get the permit requires government to see a set of  documents (e.g. original degree certificate, scan of passport, TEFL certificate, medical exam, background check etc.) so you will need to send us those documents ahead of landing in China.  The second stage is after you have arrived in China, you will need to apply for a work visa with our support based on the work permit that has already been issued.

The role:

Our teachers teach British English to classes of up to 8 in number ranging in age from 3-12 years old.  The students range in ability from beginner to intermediate level so new teachers can expect to cover the usual vocab plus grammatical context, reading, writing and phonics as appropriate to the age group. 

For three year olds, we tend to run unguided play sessions where teachers expose students to English through play activity and elicit verbal responses as the opportunity arises.  Our syllabus for older students  is based on a mix of internationally reputable courses.  The teachers’ guides accompanying these courses have lesson plans already written so our teachers don´t start from scratch most of the time.  However we expect teachers to adapt their plans to ensure consistently high levels of student engagement.

Our approach to teaching is ALL about student engagement and making progress.  We teach using creativity and playful learning activities.  Games, songs, music, movement, interactive smartboards, arts and crafts, even acting like an idiot…you name it, we do it to keep our students focussed and engaged.  Parents have told us they enrolled their children specifically because of our teaching approach.

Teaching hours:  30 per week on average PLUS 5 hours preparation time for a total of 140 hours per month minimum.  We guarantee payment for that time even if we don’t have the classes signed up but the teacher will be expected to carry out other non-teaching tasks as requested.  These tasks could include helping with marketing activities such as lesson planning for new courses, demonstrations, placement tests or Project Based Learning events.

If you believe you meet the minimum requirements and have the personality we are looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions.


Qualifications and Requirements
Required CertificatesTESL/TEFL Certificate over 100 hours
Education RequiredBachelor
Additional Requirements

The usual Z visa-led minimum requirements apply:

Bachelor´s degree
Aged 25-58
Native speaker (SA, NZ, AU, CA, IR, UK or US passport)
One of the following:
2 years proven teaching experience or
120 hour TEFL certificate

If applicants hold a Bachelor´s degree in related field such as linguistics or a Master´s degree, a TEFL certificate may not be required by the government but we will ask for it anyway because the training process is helpful in setting professional standards and expectations.  It´s important to note that the length of time it takes to prepare the documentation for work permits can vary enormously.  For example, we have been advised that background checks in South Africa can take months rather than weeks.

Personal qualities:

Professionalism and a commitment to do a job to the best of our abilities but at the same time not taking themselves too seriously.
Effective Class management: Our teachers are expected to manage a class of 8 without feeling overwhelmed.
A sense of humour and creativity.  We will expect teachers to inject 2-5 second bursts of spontaneous, playful silliness regularly in every lesson.  It can be something as simple as a silly look, mock melodrama, silly hats, silly voices or noises, whatever it takes to get a laugh, without impacting on class management.
Open mindedness – it goes without saying that life in China culture is different to the west.  A willingness to accept differences (even if they still seem weird) will be an important part of settling into this role.

Applications from experienced parents are particularly welcome
TEFL certification required


Job Benefits
We offer a salary package worth an average of just over 20,000RMB per month with 35% of that related to performance pay. 

The basic salary package of 15,000RMB will include: 

Accommodation allowance
Fully comprehensive healthcare insurance
Allowance for cost of flights to and from your home country
All work permit and visa application costs
Two weeks paid leave in addition to 2 weeks of national holidays
Unpaid leave may be granted on request
Team building events in and around Changsha
Overtime is likely to be available if the teacher is motivated
The bonus package will include a happy customer performance bonus based on feedback from parents of the students you teach, and other optional bonuses for marketing activities that support successful business growth.  If both parties agree to re-sign for another 12 months, we offer a 5% pay increase as well to reflect the increase in your experience.




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