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Secondary English Literature/Language Teacher




English Teacher




No experience required




22nd February 2019

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Reports to: Secondary School Principal

Interfaces with: Students, colleagues, parents, support staff and administrators

Supervises: Students and Student Activities

Job Goal

To ensure that each student achieves academic success, develops a lifelong love of learning and becomes a responsible citizen in a global community.

Performance Standards

Plan using the school’s curriculum, effective strategies, resources and data to meet the needs of all students
Effectively engage students in learning by using a variety of instructional strategies in order to meet individual learning needs of the students
Systematically gather, analyze, and use data to measure student progress, guide instruction, and provide timely feedback
Use resources, routines and procedures to provide a respectful, positive, safe, student centered environment that is conducive to learning
Maintains a commitment to professional ethics, the school’s mission, and take responsibility for and participate in professional growth that results in enhancement of student learning
Work to achieve acceptable and measurable student progress

Performance Goals

Use a wide variety of teaching strategies that meet individual student needs and abilities.

The Teacher will:

Effectively meet the learning needs of all students
Skillfully use verbal and non-verbal communications
Preview and communicate learning objectives to students in a clear, logical and sequential manner
Show the ability to create and maintain enthusiasm for the love of learning
Demonstrate appreciation for students and seek to celebrate their accomplishments
Show interest in curriculum and instructional development
Serve as a role model, takes advantage of opportunities to learn from others and keeps abreast of developments related to teaching
Promote good working relationships with others through active leadership and sharing of ideas, materials and experiences
Promote good rapport with students, staff, parents and community
Respect the confidentiality of student and staff concerns
Keep parents informed of their children’s progress
Clearly understand and model professionalism
Maintain superior work attendance
Cooperatively adhere to Board policies and implementing regulations
Recognize the importance of the after-school activities program and assume responsibilities in that program
Be self-motivated and assume responsibility willingly
Be willing to expend effort and energy beyond the typical School day
Attend staff meetings and serve on staff committees as required
Attend school and PTA sponsored activities
Keep current and update Power School regularly
Create and maintain current all Moodle Spaces
Arrival/Departure time from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM (Monday-Tuesday-Thursday and Friday). 7:15 AM to 4:15 PM
Instruction Goal

To display evidence of superior preparation for classroom instruction
Uses appropriate examples and illustrations to motivate the abilities and interests of ALL students
Creates and utilizes appropriate materials for instructional purposes
Assesses and adjusts the classroom setting to provide for a variety of learning styles
Provides a variety of information which enriches the curriculum
Draws from a variety of instructional resources to enhance lessons; instruction    and content are not driven by the basal textbook
To model and encourage multiple cultural awareness and understanding
To establish long-range goals, instructional objectives and methods relevant to the objectives
To work cooperatively with colleagues in order to connect learning across subject disciplines
To demonstrate accurate and up-to-date knowledge of curriculum and subject matter
Technology Goal

To display competence and confidence in using media and technology
Effectively uses computer instruction for both self and students in order to integrate and enhance classroom lessons
Seeks ongoing computer staff development opportunities
Uses various technologies in class (e-reader, projector, mimio, etc)

Class Management Goal

To plan and implement strategies that encourage student self-discipline, reinforce appropriate behavior, manage disruptive behavior constructively and allows for grouping of students in the most efficient way to support learning objectives
Skillful in keeping students on the learning task
Adaptive, flexible and creative in situations that are caused by a variety of individual student needs

Assessment Goal

To bring out the best in students by continually monitoring their work
Returns test results promptly, gives written comments and provide group and individual feedback on all assignments
Provides specific evaluative feedback with reinforcement and encouragement

Student Performance Goal

To motivate students to achieve beyond previous performance levels
To set high expectations that is appropriate for each student’s ability level
Terms of Employment

Teachers will work 190 days as per contract determined by the board approved calendar.  Salary is based on earned degrees, certification and number of years of teaching experience.

Performance Evaluation

Job performance will be evaluated by the principal


Qualifications and Requirements
  • Required CertificatesTeaching Credential/License
  • Education RequiredBachelor
  • MajorEducation
  • College degree with teaching emphasis or completion of teacher preparation program
  • Teacher professional certification; North American certification preferred
  • Teaching experience in Grades 6-12; experience in North American accredited schools preferred
  • Professional commitment to becoming a "Master Teacher”


Other Benefits

Air fare arrival, summer and departure
Relocation costs

Total Benefits Package worth 21,672




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