Posted: 28th February 2018


Teach English in a Kichwa community in the Ecuadorian highlands




English Teacher




No experience required




28th March 2018

Applications close in -259 days


To attend college in Ecuador, all students must pass an English proficiency test, and while English education is a required part of all students’ curriculum, there is a marked shortage of English teachers in the country. This results in a concentration of English teachers in the schools of the cities while the rural, dominantly Indigenous, schools are left without access to the education necessary for admission to higher education. In one of our partner communities, Balda Lupaxi, not a single child has gone on to attend college since the entrance exam laws went into effect in the late 90’s. Such discriminatory laws are one of the primary reasons that in the rural areas of the central Ecuadorian highlands, 95% of the population still lives in poverty.

Fundación Yanapak Yachachikuna (FYYChE) is an indigenous-led education initiative, founded to aid Kichwa community schools and give children from the villages a chance at escaping poverty. In the Kichwa language, "yanapak yachachikuna” translates to "servant teachers,” which is what we aim to be for the communities we work alongside.


Our volunteers live in the communities they serve for the duration of one school year (minimum), teaching English in the community´s school and immersing themselves in Kichwa culture and daily life. Room and board for the year are provided through a home-stay in the community, but travel expenses are left up to the volunteer. Volunteers will provide a few hours of instruction each weekday in addition to optional help with local agricultural projects. The majority of volunteers will be teaching elementary and middle school aged children with little to no prior English instruction. No certification in teaching of any sort is required, and if you need we can recommend some good books to prepare first time EFL teachers. However, at least a conversational level of Spanish is a necessity since next to no one in the communities speaks English.

Chimborazo is right in the center of Ecuador, so on the weekends or during breaks you´re never more than a few hours bus ride from amazing sights and experiences. Buses, like most things there, are quite cheap (compared to the US) and within a weekend trip radius you have the Amazon rainforest, gorgeous beaches of the Pacific ocean, and breathtaking treks through the Andes (including mt. Chimborazo, the tallest mountain in the world, measured from the center of the earth). There will also be plenty of opportunities to invest yourself further in the community during a minga (community work day) or in any of the many fiestas (especially in the months between Christmas and Easter).



Room and board provided along with an unforgettable experience.




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