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Teach English in elegant Shijiazhuang - China - Take home 2500$ and apartment provided -








No experience required




31st July 2019

Applications close in -134 days


Teaching experience at our Shijiazhuang campuses

Student age : 3 - 12 years old

Class size : 8- 10 students / class. Teaching assistant available

Working hour from Wednesday to Sunday. 2 days off on Mon and Tues

16 teaching hours, 16 office hours / week

Outdoor activities available  

All the Chinese national holidays off and paid fully

Opportunity to get promoted

What should you know about teaching English in China?

The eligibility requirements to become an ESL teacher in China are fairly accessible compared to other Asian countries, with university degrees and teaching experience not always needed.

Combined with an extensive array of locations and schools, teaching jobs in China can be great options for all types of teachers. Not to mention, the country itself also has much to offer in terms of culture, language, travel opportunities, and food!

Why Shijiazhuang

Developed transportation :  Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province, is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of the province. It is also an important provincial industrial base and one of the national cotton textile bases. Lying in the intersection of three main railways in China and with highway network connected with Beijing, Taiyuan, Cangzhou and etc., it is undoubtedly an important transportation hub of China.

Tourism industry in Shijiazhuang City is quite developed. Many places of interest have been included in the Guinness World Records. For example, the largest Chinese character inscription Gui (Gui means returning home in Chinese) measure 97.7 meters high and 49 meters wide, commemorating the historic event of Hong Kong’s return to motherland in 1997. Another example is the decorated archway carved with 1999 mascots, built by the local villager in Pinshan County to commemorate the return of Macao in 1999 and the arrival of the new millennium

Why should let First Leap be the 1st companion toward your teaching path in China

 First Leap We are like family

History : Founded in 2009, First Leap English is a business unit of TAL (Tomorrow Advancing Life) Education Group (NYSE: TAL) and was created to provide much needed quality afterschool English training for children aged 2 – 15 years old in a fun, motivating, and entirely English speaking environment.

Success : The company is flourishing and expanding across China, with over 30,000 students, and is recognized as a top 3 brand in the Chinese education industry.

Training At First Leap : At First Leap, we will train you every step of the way.It´s all about helping you become the best version of you. Our training team is here for you !!!

If you are interested, please do not hesitate you send us your CV, headshot photo, copy of your passport, copy of your degree now to:


Requirement to apply:

Hold a passport from Native English Speaking countries : US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australian, New Zealand, South Africa

Hold at least a BA degree

Love working with young learners.


Salary and benefits

High salary : Net Month salary 15000 - 17000  RMB / month ( $2300 - $2500/month)

Flight : Free flight ticket upfront to China

Accommodation: single apartment provided by the school

Welcome package for our candidates

Free Flight ticket to China

Relocation bonus of 10000 RMB ( receive with your 1st month salary)

Health insurance provided

Other bonuses: Monthly bonuses available: 2000 - 4000 RMB / month

Airfare bonus : 8000 RMB at the end of the contract

Full support with visa application

Airport pickup service available


Clover Fey


China, Shanghai, China


Ph. +090004995


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