Posted: 14th December 2020


Teach students up to 16 years old in Shanghai








No experience required




1st February 2021

Applications close in 12 days


Perfect for new teachers, the school specializes in young learners with classes for all ability levels. You will get comprehensive training and you can expect a professional – yet welcoming – atmosphere.

The school is located in the district Qingpu in Shanghai, China’s biggest and most exciting city. Home to a bustling international business community, there is no shortage of English learners and fellow expats who also came to teach English in China. Teaching in Shanghai will give teachers a leg up in top-tier language instruction or springboard them to ever more exciting things.

  • Students are between 3 and 16 years old, maximum class size is 12 students.
  • Maximum 25 teaching hours per week, maximum 100 teaching hours per month.
  • 15 office hours per week.
  • Work five consecutive days a week, Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Participate in training, planning, activities, and events.
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The district of Qingpu

The district of Qingpu, where the school is located, allows for a superb quality of life. Qingpu has most of the amenities of downtown Shanghai but has a slower pace and a more Chinese ‘feel’. Living downtown can often feel like you are in just another western city, but Qingpu never lets you forget you are living in China.

Foreign staff may choose to live in Qingpu town, or 12 kilometers to the west in a small developing 500-year-old water town called Zhujiajiao (pronounced jew-jaw-j-oww). With its small ancient canal town and rural population, many foreign staff members have chosen to make this their home.

The cost of living in both suburban towns is 30-40 percent cheaper than it is living downtown. While you teach English in China you’ll have more money left to travel around the country and nearby countries, pay off student loans, or start a nest egg.


  • Be a native English speaker from The United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa.
  • Bachelor degree.
  • 120-hour EFL qualification (TEFL / TESOL / CELTA / DELTA).
  • Have some teaching experience (ESL experience is preferred).
  • You should be outgoing, enthusiastic, positive, sociable, hardworking, and adaptable.
  • A recent background check.


Health Requirements(must be completed after signing the LOU before arriving in China)

  • Completed pre-travel health check form.
  • Negative SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test result.


  • 17,000 - 20,000 RMB per month + 1,000 RMB housing allowance.
  • 22 days paid holiday.
  • A fully sponsored Z-visa, residence permit, work permit, and Foreign Expert Certificate.
  • Hospitalization and accidental injury insurance reimbursement up to 1,300 RMB.
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival, as well as paid accommodations for a few nights while we help you find a residence.
  • Training on arrival and ongoing support and development over the course of the contract.
  • Advancement opportunities throughout the company.
  • 1,000 RMB housing allowance.
  • 5,000 RMB performance bonus.
  • 5,000 RMB contract completion bonus.
  • 5,000 RMB re-signing bonus.

A western Academic Manager will assist you at work and with getting settled into your social life in China.


Natanz Loetawan


4F, No. 105, Bo’ai Road, Taipei, Taiwan 100


Ph. ++886-2-2311-9858


With 500,000 alumni, 85,000 students and 1000 teachers, we know this will be the adventure of a lifetime!

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