Posted: 30th November 2018


Teacher for International Kindergarten School


Chengdu, Sichuan, China


English Teacher




2 years




17th December 2018

Applications close in -156 days


As this school is commencing its hiring very soon for the 2019 late January/February start, applicants are advised to apply soon.

Soong Ching Ling International School takes well-rounded and dynamic to cultivating character and life skills that will provide the foundation for children to become future leaders. Teachers will find room to develop as they can involve in a wide variety of classes like calligraphy, art, dance, science, music. Teachers can immerse themselves in a stimulating and rewarding environment with state of the art and spacious facilities such as mini golf area and school bus classroom. There are about 20 teachers from all over the world making it a place to create lasting friendships. Additionally, there are 350 children who will make your China adventure a truly memorable experience.


Located at Chengdu Hi-tech zone. Chengdu is a 2nd tier city where the cost of living is much less athe first-tier city like Beijing or Shanghai. Workers generally find that they can save much more than a 1st tier city. Chengdu is well known for its attractions such as pandas, ancient towns and its distinctive Sichuan cuisine. However, Chengdu is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for its laid-back nature and that it is a melting pot of cultures and not to mention nice hiking areas and bustling nightlife.

About the teaching position:

·1-year contract (with an option of extension).

·Full time, 5 days a week (8 am to 12:30 pm followed by 1and half hour lunch break and then continuing from 2 pm - 5.30 pm)

·The class is of about 20 - 25 children, and each class taught is supported by two to three Chinese assistants

·Ages of children are 2 - 6 years old

·There are opportunities for promotion

The teacher will be required to bring the following qualities:

·Warm and nurturing personality

·Flexible and prepared to take part in a wide range of fun activities

·Strong work ethic

·Enjoys playing with children

A typical working day in our school looks like this....

Work begins at 8am, this is where you will start welcoming the children to school in the morning and accompany them to class. This is where they will interact with their friends and have breakfast. The formal school day for the children usually begins at 9am. This is where teachers will either have an English circle with the learners for about 30 minutes or outdoor play. Each day is scheduled with time slots of each activity. Teachers will be responsible for accompanying the class to each activity that is scheduled throughout the day, this may be Art class, Music class, Dance class, Science class, Cooking class and much more. Children will have lunch at about 11:30 am and then head on to have a nap. Teachers will then be on lunch for about 1.5/2 hours. The afternoon time is usually time for Chinese lessons but with the presence of the foreign teacher. Between 5/5:30pm is when the children will start heading home.

If accepted, full orientation support will be provided, including support with getting a visa. There is anenglish speaking foreign director who is always on hand to provide assistance when you need.


  • 120-Hour TEFL certificate: or TESOL
  • Fluent in English: Native speaker ideally
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Any degree, preferably in Education.
  • Police Check
  • Teaching Experience: If without TEFL, 2 years full time experience needed


11,000 - 14,000 RMB per month

All national holidays and 4 weeks paid leave (2 weeks in Summer, and 2 weeks in Winter)

Flights (6,000 RMB) to be reimbursed upon completion

Contract end bonus of 1 month salary

Attendance bonus of 1,000 RMB

Meals provided at exceptional cafeteria

Accident and Medical insurance

Shared accommodation provided, or housing allowance provided 


Sanura Gunatilake


Jiuxing Ave, Wuhou Qu, Chengdu Shi, Chengdu, Sichuan China 610041


Ph. ++86 28 8531 1666


Soong Ling Ching International

Soong Ching Ling International School takes well-rounded and dynamic to cultivating character and life skills that will provide the foundation for children to become future leaders.

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