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Tropical China or 1.5 hours from Beijing - Teaching Kindergarten Children




English Teacher




No experience required




13th August 2017

Applications close in -337 days


China Position available as soon as possible for
  • Hainan (beautiful Island, known as the Hawaii of China)
  • Jinan (1.5 hours away from Beijing on the train)
  • Hangzhou (known for it´s nature and beauty)
  • Changsha (Capital of Hunan province, a large historical city)

• Up to 30 teaching hours/week
• 5 days per week
• 2 weeks paid vacation every year during Chinese Spring Festival, 1 week paid vacation in October, all Chinese official holidays, and 2 weeks unpaid summer vacation.

The position is for teaching inside different kindergartens (Generally each teacher has five kindergartens that they teach at weekly). We are looking for high-energy, positive, popular, genuinely happy teachers. Teachers that can genuinely enjoy what they do and that the children will be excited to see.

The position is high energy and the atmosphere is warm, with teachers usually having a celebrity like status inside kindergartens (and China).



•English must be your native language/monther tongue. (As per China government policy, the foreign language teacher should teach only the language of his/her native tongue.)
•Hold a passport one of the following countries: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
•Must have a Bachelor´s Degree (or higher)
•2 years teaching experience (However, if the teacher possesses a bachelor or higher degree on education, language or teacher training, or a teacher license issued by his/her own country, or an international language TESL/TEFL certificate, the two years teaching experience can be exempted. )
•No visible tattoos
•Be suitable to a kindergarten environment
•High energy and a kind presence required

This is definitely an experience that you will never forget. Traveling and working in another country will be different, but we will meet you at the airport and make sure you are taken care of well when you come to China.
For more information please visit
We also have a full information page answering most questions that teachers ask before teaching abroad/in China.

We apologize in advance, as we are not able to respond to all applicants. Only applicants who pass the initial screening process will be contacted.

This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract. The above information is a public job posting.


Payment and Incentives:

• 15,000RMB/month (Schedule A), 13,500 RMB /month (Schedule B), 11,500 RMB/month (Schedule C)
• Arrival pick up and support, free prepaid phone number/SIM card
• 30 days free accommodation on arrival, 1,000 RMB accommodation allowance per month (approximately half of the cost of a standard single apartment)
• 3,000 RMB Cash advance on arrival
• Paid Transportation to and from place of work (if you are teaching at multiple locations)
• Economy class flight 100% reimbursed after 6 months of work
• China Healthcare System: 80% coverage
• Contract-end Contribution Bonus - 12,000RMB (Schedule A), 9,000 RMB (Schedule B), 6,000 RMB (Schedule C)

(14,000 RMB equals approx. $2000 US dollars)

Schedule A - 15,000 RMB/month

Schedule A is the same as Schedule B except it includes Saturday morning or full day Saturday work. Sundays off. In the case schedule A staff works a half day Saturday, they are given another half day off during the week, in the case they work a full day Saturday, they are given a full day off during the week.

Schedule B - 13,500 RMB/month

All schedules are for 30 teaching hours/week. Schedule B is a Monday to Friday position. Schedule A and B includes more split shifts (morning and evening work with larger breaks in the afternoon). Schedule A and B teachers tend to need more time for preparation. Teachers need to expect up to 5 weekend events, up to 2 days of training each year.

Schedule C - 11,500 RMB/month

All schedules are for 30 teaching hours/week. For example, Schedule C teachers starting work at 8:30am, finish working by 4:30pm (no Saturdays or evenings). Monday to Friday position, with up to 5 weekend events, up to 2 days of training each year.

NOTE: We definitely try to take teacher preferences on which pay schedule is preferred. Even if teachers work some evening shifts their schedule cannot go over 30 teaching hours per week. Most of the teachers would be in schedule B with some split shifts.




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