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Up to 20K RMB, 2 EFL Teachers Wanted in Guilin, China




English Teacher




No experience required




10th June 2018

Applications close in -225 days


The School:

ME is an extracurricular language institute geared towards the K-6 grade levels. We have 2 campuses in the city, and our classes take place weekdays after school (usually 7:30-9:30 pm), and run all day on the weekends. We also run the English language programs of 16 local kindergartens and elementary schools. Those classes take place during normal school hours. For pictures of our classrooms and campuses, please refer to the following link:

Job Description:

Welcome to the School of Modern English (ME) in beautiful Guilin!

Founded in 2003, the School of ME is operated by both Chinese and American administrators, and offers the highest teaching wages of any language school in the city.

Over the past 15 years, we have grown significantly, boasting 2 campuses, along with 16 locally contracted elementary schools and kindergartens.

Our multinational staff, which currently includes 8 international teachers, comes from across the world to experience living and working in Guilin.

We welcome you to be part of an ever expanding, staff development focused organization, teaching children ages 4 to 15.

Not only do we offer teacher training prior to being placed into the classroom, but our structured support team ensures that your continuous professional development is prioritized, and that your expectations are at the forefront of a successful teaching experience.

Growth Opportunities for committed, career minded professionals

Opportunities to help create your own schedule and decide the number of classes you want to teach

Experience the best that China has to offer! We welcome native English-speaking teachers to join our team.
The Location:

The School of Modern English is located in downtown Guilin, in Guangxi Province. It is an amazingly beautiful, safe, and friendly city, nestled in a vast surrounding countryside. You can get a feel for the area in the 360-degree aerial panoramas provided in the link below. The first 3 were taken outside of Guilin and range from a 20-45 minute drive from the main ME campus. The 4th panorama is of downtown Guilin, taken approximately 2 blocks from our school:

The cost of living is very low in Guilin compared to most of China, and a rule of thumb is that if something costs 1 USD in the states, it will cost about 1.5 RMB in Guilin (current exchange rate: 1 USD = 6.3 RMB). On average, most ex-pats in Guilin tend to live well off of 3,000 RMB (478 USD) per month, while most locals spend less than 500 RMB (80 USD) per month on living expenses. For a more information on Guilin, the following link to the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) provides a nice description of the city, along with testimonials from foreign students studying Chinese language in Guilin.

Guilin is also only a 1.5-hour bus ride from Yangshuo, which is considered by many to be the backpacker´s mecca of China. Every outdoor activity imaginable is available in Yangshuo, from rock climbing to cave exploration to white-water rafting.

Adam Katz


School of Modern English

US #: +1 (916) 865-6497

China #: +86 185-7733-1715





Applicants must be citizens from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa (China´s visa regulations)

Must be under 65 years old (China´s visa regulations)

Bachelor degree 
- will need to be notarized

120-hour TEFL or other teaching qualification or a 2-year post-graduate degree

Clean criminal background check, valid within 6 months 
- will need to be notarized

A match with our focus on communicative language teaching and a love for enabling a child´s growth!


salary and benefits 

NET 8,000 RMB - 20,000 RMB per month (depending on how many classes you want to take on)

110 RMB per 40-minute period at either of our 2 campuses

100 RMB per 30-minute period at any of our contracted elementary schools and kindergartens

800 RMB per month housing allowance and logistics support for finding an accommodation

150 RMB per month travel allowance for those teachers who teach at our contracted elementary schools and kindergartens

Airport pick up and Year-round logistics support

Paid Z-visa, residence permit and sponsored foreign experts teaching license

Free initial onboarding and training

Paid medical check and health insurance

Biannual social and teambuilding events

Promotion opportunities in our ever-expanding institution 
- those who want to develop, we create the opportunities to do so!




Office 1801, The Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China


Ph. +(+86) (0)20-37855572


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